Company Vision

The Den is a premium gym facility which redefines the workout experience; our aim is to create a specialized experience for our esteemed members. Join us on an innovative journey which will entail a customized fitness regime in order to cater to each individual needs of our members and will also include the guidance of a qualified staff who have years of experience in specific fields pertaining to athletics and sports. A variety of options such as guidance from renowned nutritionists along with recreational facilities will further glorify your experience at The Den. Commit to fit and revamp your fitness to new heights!

Den Gear is where privacy meets a customized fitness regime.


Certified trainers

As we aim to cater to professional athletes and celebrities, our team includes certified trainers that have professional backgrounds ranging from sports, athletics, to working in illustrious training facilities. Our esteemed trainers have been selected after a rigorous selection process to ensure only the best are at your disposal. With a wide array of expertise on offer, our certified trainers facilitate our members with specialized training plans to reinvigorate their work out experience. We also have specialized industry leading nutritionists on board to provide our members with comprehensive diet plans which is something that is of much importance to professionals.

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Our studio

Located in Hillsborough New Jersey our private gym studio is based on a wolf den theme, located on an area of 3000 square feet. Our studio is further equipped with state-of-the-art equipment which is customized in accordance to customer needs.

Our Equipment

We offer a wide selection of free weights, top-of-the-line work-out equipment, cardio machines, and state-of-the-art rehabilitation equipment as our core equipment offering.


Our Method

Our innovation lies in our method within which we will shift our core work out offerings to comprehensively meet the needs of our customers. This will work in a way that if it is football training season, we will add free weight equipment to fulfil the particular needs of our customers in that particular time.

Our Application

We have an optimized smartphone and tablet application which is equipped with features such as scheduling work-out routines with

Trainers, tracking fitness progress, virtual work-out videos, and other health-related features

The Den-Commit to fit

Embark on an elite lifestyle with a specialized mode of training.

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